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Multi-Functional Paints


This product is a multi functional pigment manufactured using a unique process to provide quality performance for the coatings and paints. Busan 11M1 performs well as an Anti-corrosive agent, Anti Microbial agent with added properties of flame retardancy in both solvent and water based paints. It also offers UV Resistant properties.

Busan 11M1 is the only product in the market, registered with EPA.

Paint with Busan 11M1:

Anantco Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. brings to you Multi Functional Industrial Paint with enhanced properties-

  • Anti-Corrosive
  • Anti-Microbial
  • UV Stabilizer & Partially Fire Retardency

Besides imparting above three properties, it has other superior properties of good shelf life, long lasting paint coating, anti scratch etc. at par with other reputed brands available in the market.


Busperse 39- Highly effective water based and Non-foaming Dispersant.
Busperse 47- Dispersing Aid and Viscosity Modifier for High Solid coatings.