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Water Treatment

Anafloc Series Product


nafloc series is a range of high efficiency, polyelectrolyte specifically designed for solid-liquid separation processes in the sewage and industrial waste water field. We offer a range of products available in this series. Our products are in line with current requirements able to treat water under various conditions. Anantco makes it a mission to constantly improve products and help augment ecological sustainability. We offer our complete technical service to conduct on site lab as well as plant trials to identify the best product & arrive at utmost cost effective solution on the problems of effluent treatment plant.


>Anafloc 4041 Medium Anionic granules
>Anafloc 4020 Non ionic granules
>Anafloc 6729 Cationic granules
>Anafloc 6691 Strong cationic granules
>Poly DADMAC Cationic liquid coagulant
>Super Absorbent Polymers SAP


>Primary Sedimentation
>Secondary Sedimentation
>Sludge Thickening
>Sludge Floatation
>Sludge De-watering on: Centrifuges, Belt   Press etc
>Color removal


>COD Reduction
>BOD Reduction
>Total Suspended Solid Reduction
>Colour Removal etc.
>Faster Through Put
>Extra Peak Load Capacity