Fire Safety- An interactive phenomenon


Drought, cyclones, earthquakes, landslides etc. are a regular phenomenon in India. Over the past two decades, the occurrence of disasters in India is increased. Natural hazards are having meteorological, geological or biological origin whereas unnatural hazards have a human or technological origin.

It is a need of the hour to look at the entire cycle of disaster management. There should be a balanced approach covering all phases of disaster management.

Flamebloc is experienced due to its detailed knowledge of explosion phenomenon built up throughout the years of extensive project research. Flamebloc assists in identifying hazards, understanding risks and contributing to its client’s safety. They find an optimal way to improve risks related to fire safety.

At Flamebloc since the beginning experts have taken care and shared knowledge as to how to prevent fire hazards, gas explosion accidents, etc. Flamebloc strives and is provider of quantitative explosions risk assessment, accident or incident investigations, various gas and dust explosion studies, predicting the effects of explosion mitigation, toxic gas dispersion, blast waves and control rooms. For more information visit, and

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