Fire Safety and Awareness in India


A fire can happen at any place at any time. Fire can be expected at home, office, workplace, hospitals or at any public places. Fire has a potential to cause harm to lives and properties.

Every year in India on an average 25,000 people die due to fire and its related causes. Female deaths due to fire accidents are accounted for 66% of the total deaths caused in fire accidents. Every day in India 42 females and 21 males die due to fire. If enough fire protection measures are taken these deaths can be avoided.

The estimated loss due to fire each year in India is approximately Rs.1000 crores. Fire losses are reported from industrial and non-industrial premises like hospitals, commercial complexes, educational institutions, hotels, buildings, commercial premises, etc.

Fire Risk Survey (FRS) 2013, carried out by Pinkerton & Federation of Indian chambers and industry in India, fire accounted for 8.45% of the overall ranking of risks. They also revealed that fire risk was the 5th highest risk in the industry.

Fire does create a total loss which cannot be tolerated by an efficient management. Prevention of fire loss can be planned by the management team of any business. Flamebloc has an effective fire prevention strategy that is an essential feature in fire protection. Flamebloc also recommends a periodical fire safety inspection in the business premise industrial or non-industrial Fire safety inspections can address inherent fire hazards associated while carrying out day to day activities of the business and recommends measures to reduce the potential fire hazards. For more information visit, and

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