Passive Fire Protection is significant in saving lives and also damage to properties


Flamebloc –Passive Fire retardant coatings are tested for reliable standards of protection for life as well as Properties. In today’s time fire safety has become a necessity, as due to fire there can be serious Damages to life and Properties.

Ignorance of proper fire safety can lead to a serious damage. Therefore it is important to make sure all fire safety measures are taken well in advance. It is also important to understand what kind of a fire safety is there in your premises.

Principles to protect any materials in case of fire such as rise in temperature, maintenance of structural integrity remain the same.

What fire protection gives is:
Time to escape
Time to extinguish a fire with minimalistic damage to life and properties.
A correct selection of fire protection coatings is essential due to different nature of fire types on different materials and structures. Flamebloc offers protection for offsite and onsite applications.
The Flamebloc Team gives guidance on industries best practice and anti-corrosion aspects on fire protection. We have a good team of technical members who work on coating technologies, fire engineering and assessment of fire risks. They make sure that the products meet some standardised expectations. Flamebloc is tested and certified in accordance with appropriate test standards. For more information visit, and

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