Public Safety in high human density places


Fire Safety in temporary Structures!
Fire safety ensures to ensure, identify, reduce and manage the risk of fire inorder to safeguard property and people inside the said premise. The Flamebloc team ensures and assesses the risk of fire in the said location, if dissatisfied with the outcome then a notice may be issued that could restrict the use of all or some parts of the said premises until improvements are made.

To ensure fire safety, good management of fire safety management is essential. The basic aim of fire safety assessment is to identify the fire hazards, to reduce the risks arising out of such hazards and to decide what arrangements need to be done to ensure safety in case of fire. All the temporary structures that require fire protection require rendering a planning application along with a building control application. Before an event needs to be conducted on these structures or premises it should be proven of fire performance on being used for an event, with use of all available fire safety processes like PASSIVE & ACTIVE protections, Compliance with standard is ensured with the help of relevant certifications from the supplier of the product. Suppliers regularly check and test poles, stakes, anchors, ensure maximum safety. Also some tall grass surrounded by the structures is cut in order to prevent the risk of fire.

All materials used in finishing and furnishing are either non-combustible or non-flammable. Evaluation has to be done as per what materials would ignite faster and which could cause the fire to develop and spread. Combustible materials should be kept away from exits or in any other escape routes. If such premises are adequately treated with fire retardant then in that case such materials may be acceptable. It is necessary that Fire risk assessment be constantly monitored as well as reviewed so as to access the risk being controlled effectively. If there is a suspect that the risk assessment is no longer valid or there has been some significant changes in the premises that has affected the fire precautions some actions need to be taken. For more information visit, and

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