Public Safety in high human density places


Fire !!!
Safety must be always a prime concern whether in a crowded public place or at home. Even if a single upholstery chair gets fire it would burn your entire house down, so one must follow safety rules for fire first. Fires can be preventable most of the times .People responsible for work places, offices, can easily avoid fire by adopting the right procedures through fire retardants.

What have you done to protect your Family, House, Office and other personal properties from fire.

There are so many cases on internet, TV, news, etc. who report on fire injuries that on daily basis. There are so many causes of fire like sometimes a pan would be left over on stove, , faulty electric wiring, etc.

Fire hazards are caused due to sources of ignition heat, sources of fuel, easily combustible materials such as wood, paper, fabric, plastics etc which are generally the route cause of fire spread, sources of oxygen i.e. air in the environment. Employers are required to carry out a fire safety assessment test as a part of overall fire safety of an organization to avoid fire and ensure proper fire safety.

There are companies that sell passive fire retardant chemical coatings which can be easily applied in home or products in one’s home in order to protect them. These products are not only environmentally safe but also they are non-toxic. One can apply these coatings on wood, curtains, fabrics, paper, cables, leather , etc.

The electronics industries are supposed to remove potentially toxic compounds from their products. Fire retardants are commonly used in electronic housing as well as casing and printed circuit boards. Most of these companies use phosphorus based fire retardants as they are environment friendly.

Fire retardants are made with naturally occurring materials like phosphorous, Alluminium, Antimony etc..and have a huge impact on future fire safety. The incorporated fire retardants are effective in all kinds of industry as they give a protection to all kinds of furniture, wall coverings, ceiling, floor coverings, window treatments that are used in commercial buildings and institutions.

All these fire retardants have long term durability, sustainability and environmental impact. Here at Flamebloc we have developed passive fire retardants for building, housing, electronics, etc. making it flame resistant. Also the quality of fire retardants is very good and can easily penetrate in protective barriers like candles, hot electrical equipment’s, candles, laptops, etc. Also Flamebloc makes fire retardants in such a manner that the chemicals Disturb the environment. Flamebloc’s products have been proved to save lives and properties, so don’t take a chance for risk of fire on your property or for your loved one’s life. For more information visit and

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