Fire risk assessment and guidance


For fire safety of any non-domestic premise fire retardants carry out fire assessment risk with measures to reduce or eliminate risk of fire and identify persons at risks. Where the fire safety regulations do not have control over all parts of the building and is shared with other persons regulatory have to be informed about the risks identified. Landowners, employers, etc. people who have control over the premises it becomes their responsibility to make sure the regulations are compiled with.

While performing fire regulatory practices circumstance and capabilities with respect to risk assessment are taken in to consideration. Suitably qualified and experienced people are arranged for fire risk analysis.

Flamebloc’s main objective is to identify the fir risk, then remove or lessen the degree of fire risk and make the risk as low as is reasonably practicable.

Reducing the probability, in the event of fire all occupants are alerted and leave the premises in case of fire, effects of fire should be limited , is all determined by Flamebloc’s team and then necessary measures and management policies are determined to ensure fire safety to people in the said premises. For more information visit, and