Solvent management in process industries, especially in bulk drugs, API’s and bio processing steps is becoming very critical from the point of view of costing and environmental pollution. Many industries in Gujarat are grappling with this problem with constraints imposed by cost, governmental regulations and pollution control authorities.

To enable better solvent management in process industries in Western belt, Anantco Enterprises Pvt Ltd, Vapi is offering its specialist services of solvent pre-treatment, separation with good recovery and high quality. Anantco., Vapi has created facilities for this kind of work in solvent management in the form of a typical mini refinery.

We have been given approval by statutory authorities to process hazardous liquid wastes and take care of approved disposal methods for the residues from the recovery operation of liquid solvent wastes. We possess Rule 9 clearance and other necessary approvals from GPCB and other relevant agencies for handling, distilling and disposal of Hazardous waste solvents up to 9852 MTA.

We have several batch and continuous fractionation systems of SS & MS With tall high capacity columns.

System 1

System 2

System 3

SS 316 vessel

7KL with 7mt

column packed with
structured packing.

Diameter 380mm

SS 316 vessel

7KL with 7mt

column with pall
ring packing.

Diameter 300mm

SS 316 vessel

3KL with 7mt

column with structured

Diameter 400mm

System 4

System 5

System 6

SS 316 vessel

7KL with 9mt

column ceramic
raschig ring.

Diameter 350mm

MS vessel

2.5KL with 9mt

column ceramic
rashig ring.

Diameter 400mm

SS 316 vessel

5KL with

caustic treatment

Diameter 380mm

Utilities include:

  • Thermic fluid heater 6 lacs kcal/ hr
  • Thermic fluid heater 1.2 lacs kcal/hr
  • Storage tanks totalling 120 kL under PESO Licence.

Analytical facilities:

  • Karl fisher
  • GC
  • Pilot scale evaluation unit capacity 50 Litres 1 meter structured packing with hot oil heating.

We have permission for distillation of following spent organic solvents
and mixtures.

Mixed XylenesCyclohexaneMethyl Iso Butyl Ketone (MIBK)
MethanolIso Propyl Alcohol (IPA)Methylene di Chloride (MDC)
Tetra Hydo Furan (THF)Ethyl AcetateDi Methyl Formamide (DMF)
Butyl AcetateMethyl Acetate (MA)Butanol
EthanolMethyl Ethyl KetoneIso Propyl Ether
Mixture of Solvent containing (Acetone, Toluene, Benzene)MEGAcetonitrile

We also under take purification of imported lower grade chemical or solvent. Purification of process streams to obtain pure products by fractionation.

Look forward to your feed-back or the queries so that we can interact further.

We would like to seek you support for solvent distillation job work or also in case you sell the spent solvent we would be interested in buying the same.