Medical Device

The world is advancing towards a
“Consumer Driven Healthcare Technology Ecosystem”.

With a vision and growth strategy coupled with Transparency, Collaboration and Engagement, Anantco has diversified its focus into an additional vertical with a view to further strengthen the main pillar i.e, to provide dependable healthcare solutions.

How ? Anantco’s strong network and expertise in providing API’s and Intermediates has led us to understand better the importance of Packaging and Novel Drug Delivery Systems for optimum patient care .

With the expertise of qualified clinicians and passionate team members who drive the product choice , based on patient needs , We are enabled to source, develop and represent unique medical products and packaging solutions catering to various therapeutic areas.

Our Flagship projects and long term association with our principals has given us the direction to look into deeper and smarter solutions in the area of diagnosis.

We are also equipped in providing end to end registration solutions to our principals with a requirement of registration in India.

Our Flagship Projects

We have built a strong network in India and outside catering to the injectable range of products and can offer many other products for similar range for global markets as below:

Disposable Syringes
Sterile Insulin Syringes
IV Syringes
Pre Fillable Syringes

Glass PFS


COP Syringes

Luer Lock

Type of Syringes

Staked-In- Needle SyringesSpecificationOuter DiameterGlass Barrel LengthNeedles SpecificationRigid Needle Shield
1ml long8.15mm64mm25G5/8*
Luer Lock Syringe
SpecificationOuter DiameterGlass barrel LengthFlexible Luer Lock CapRigid Luer Lock Cap
1ml long8.15mm66.5mm
Luer Cone SyringeSpecificationOuter DiameterGlass Barrel LengthLuer Cone Tip Cap
1ml long8.15mm64mm

Metered Dosage Pens :

We can offer the Auto Injector Pens catering to various therapeutic areas . The same are used in multiple products like Insulin, Enoxaparin , Hormones ,etc.

Disposable Pens

Fixed Dosage Pens

Reusable Pens

Electronic Pens

Electronic Pens

IOT Electronic Pens

Mixed Injection Pens

Standard Electric Pen

Pre Fillable Cartridges

   3 ML Prefillable / Sterile / Crimped Cartridges compliant with Metered Dosage Pens .

Our Upcoming Projects

Our Flagship projects and long term association with our principals and clients has given us the direction to look into deeper and smarter solutions in the area of diagnosis. We are further trying to expand our basket of products and are on path to launch the below products:

Retractable Syringes

Key Products we offer under the same are:

Disposable Retractable syringes

   Disposable Retractable IV Cannula

Retractable Safety Shield for Luer Lock products

   Needle free injections : Air Pressure based spring action , ensure absolute pain free administration of the drug.

   Target Audience : Infants , Young Children and geriatric population . For patients suffering with pill and needle fatigue and mainly for anyone with chronic diseases and fear of needles.

   Diagnosis and treatment devices for obstructive sleep apnea syndrome : Basis of the treatment is Negative Air Way Pressure as opposed to the popular CPAP . 1/4th the size of the current available device , portable and cloud based offline and online data storage.

Retractable Syringes & needles

   Providing the highest quality and most user friendly safety devices in the market.

    We are dedicated to provide solutions tp address the healthcare safety issues to protect clinicians from needlestick injuries by designing unrivalled , patented products that significantly reduce exposure to contaminated sharps.

Pipeline Products

Inhalation Product

  Dry Salt Aerosol Nebulizer – To Treat COPD , Asthma & Neonatal COPD

To Treat Sleep Apnoea

   To Diagnose
   The Solution

Diabetes Care

   Needle Free Insulin Injector