Passive Fire Protection Solutions

Flamebloc - Fire Retardants

Fire accidents cause irreparable loss of human life and property. While fire extinguishers are relied upon to arrest fire, there were no methods adopted to prevent the spread of fire till Anantco came up with specialized fire retardant product that prevents fire from spreading.

Anantco Offers a wide range of specialized passive fire protection solutions which are suitable for protecting Paper,Wood, Natural and Synthetic Fabric, Cables and Metals.

Our range of products are Zero VOC, halogen free, water based and colourless coatings. All these products are environmentally safe and can be applied easily by roll, dip, spray, or brush and can be top coated for added protection while still maintaining their primary utility. The product does not emit any toxic gases hence casualties due to suffocation during fire accident are minimized to a great extent.

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Fabric & Paper
This is a char forming penetrating fire retardant for synthetic and natural fabrics like carpet, draperies, wall coverings, rayon, polyester, most synthetic and blends. Carbon char forms between fire and fabric, reducing effect of the fire, heat and smoke; and fabric can be dipped or sprayed.
This is a char and thin foam penetrating fire retardant for protection of most types of raw woods, plywood and cellulose type material to obtain a class fire rating and can be easily applied by dipping, brush and spray. As wood is extensively used as an Interior designing product, therefore It highly recommended by professionals. It also can be applied in an exterior environment if top coated with an approved exterior coating.
Universal High Intumesent Coating System
This is a polymeric amino phosphate flame retardant coating that is environmentally safe and requires no halogen to achieve additional performance. This product offers an extremely high level of fire protection by forming a thick layer of thermal insulating material when exposed to fire or extreme heat. It is specifically designed for a multitude of substrates having a fixed shape that require extreme fire protection.

Charcoat Products

CharCoat CC

CharCoat CC Cable Coating is a water-based Intumescent Latex coating developed for the fire protection of single, grouped or bundled electrical cables. CharCoat CC is a unique acrylic latex emulsion which has excellent resistance to weathering and aging and which remains flexible indefinitely allowing for cable movement and removal. It is suitable for exterior or interior applications. With major approvals covered, CharCoat CC will also fire rate your cable systems.


FM3971 – Spread of flame
FM3971 – Ageing
FM3971 – No Deration
FM3971 – Salt water test
IEC 60331-11/21 – 750°C (HV)
IEC 60331-11/21 – 1100°C
IEC 60332-3 – Spread of flame
ASTM E 84 – Flammability Test
ASTM E162 – Flammability Test
ASSTM D4256-83 – Nuclear Test
ASTM D2565 – UV Stability Test
870C Radiant Temp Test

Charcoat Firestop Products

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Charcoat FM Mortar
CharCoat FM Mortar is a dry white powder consisting of inorganic compounds and perlite. When mixed with water, the compounds form a highly thermally insulating 4 hour fire sealing compound to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through openings in fire rated walls and floors, including openings formed around building service penetrations. CharCoat FM will also maintain the acoustic design performance in walls and floors.
Charcoat FP Panel
CharCoat FP Panel is designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through openings in fire rated walls and floors where large openings are formed to allow the installation of multiple building services. CharCoat FP will also maintain the acoustic design performance in fire rated walls and floors.
Charcoat IS Sealants
CharCoat IS (formally CharCoat Intu Sealant) is designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through joints and openings in fire rated walls and floors including openings formed around building service penetrations. CharCoat IS will also maintain the acoustic design performance in walls and floors. CharCoat IS cures when it is subjected to atmospheric conditions, however it will retain a degree of elasticity for joint movement. Under fire exposure, CharCoat IS creates a robust fire seal by the formation of a durable intumescent char.

Exflam App

We offer the products manufactured by M/S Wellchem China-Third leading producer of flame retardants in tne world from ex-stock in india.

Ammonium Polyphosphate(Phase II,N>1000)
Exflam APP 201- Standard Grade. Applications: Intumescent fireproofing paints and Coatings Thermoplastics PP/PE Thermosets PU/EPOXY
Exflam APP 202-Melamine resin coated. Applications: Outdoor paints and coatings Flexible PU
Exflam App 203-Melamine coated. Applications:Thermoplastics PP/PE Flexible PU
Exflam App 204-Silicon coated. Applications: Car inner textile coating Electronic coating
Exflam APP 205-Epoxy coated. Applications:Intumescent coatings Textiles
Other products for specialised applications:
Melamine polyphosphate (Cymela MPP) Applications: Epoxy resins Unsaturated polymer resins Cyclic Polymer resin
Melamine Cyanurate (Cymela MC) Applications: PA6/66/modified GF TET/PBT/TPU
cyclic Phosphate Ester(Wellchem CU/CT/CP) Applications: Textiles.